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After the huge success of the standard version which ranked in the top 200 in over 10 different countries we decided to add many new features, including new levels, lives, replays and the ability to skip rounds. This version of Sheep Spotting has never been better.

Sheep Spotting Deluxe is a funny, fast & highly addictive counting game. These sheep won't help you sleep, but they will keep you up all night playing.

How many sheep did you see? Count all the sheep before the time runs out. Each round gets harder and faster which means more points. It's great fun, fast and highly addictive.

There are four different levels to unlock as you play through the game. Watch the sheep travel as they go swimming, into space and come back sky diving to Earth. Each level gets harder to spot and requires more sheep to unlock.

We've added new power ups to the game, helping you stay on track. Miss that one sheep and guess incorrectly; you can now use a life. Got totally confused; then replay the level or skip to the next round.

Sheep Spotting Deluxe is Game Center enabled so you can compare your scores with players all around the world as well as challenge your friends.

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DOWNLOAD HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sheep-spotting-deluxe/id890070562?ls=1&mt=8

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